Ionic Materials is seeking a senior technical leader to manage the laboratory operations as the company expands into a larger space.  The Operations Manager will have strong, hands-on laboratory experience and proven expertise in managing manufacturing operations.  This position reports to the CEO and will work closely with a Technology Development Manager on tasks related to the scale-up of material manufacturing and film extrusion processes.


  • B.S. or graduate degree in mechanical, materials science or manufacturing engineering.
  • MBA degree is a strong plus.
  • Strong mechanical aptitude with hands-on experience in material processing, extrusion and mechanical and electrical testing.
  • Significant experience managing the procurement, payment negotiation, installation and maintenance of manufacturing and testing equipment.
  • Ability to communicate well to senior management and Board Members.
  • Significant experience supervising and managing a group of technicians and engineers.
  • Strong working knowledge of computer software, data analysis and graphical presentation.
  • Working knowledge of ERP systems is desired.
  • Ability to perform well in a fast-paced, problem-solving environment with the special challenges of a start-up company.



  • Manage the Operations budget, including approving the purchase of equipment, supplies and services for the laboratory; negotiating terms and pricing with vendors; and defining and enforcing a procurement policy.
  • Manage the space and equipment expansion of Ionic Materials, including the relocation of existing equipment and the procurement and installation of new equipment.
  • Implement and monitor inventory control systems for capital asset and laboratory supplies to scale with growth.
  • Implement and monitor shipping procedures under the regulations for material handling.
  • Define and supervise working hours for all technicians, including possible expansion of working hours outside of the traditional 8-hour 1st shift schedule.
  • Act as Safety and 5S Officer to implement and expand safety and 5S policies.