Ionic Materials is seeking an enthusiastic, self-motivated engineering leader with project management experience in battery development to fit the company culture of fast-paced work and problem-solving in an entrepreneurial environment.  The position will provide opportunities to collaborate with highly-talented people and the opportunity to manage the development of novel electrochemical products in multiple rechargeable chemistries.


  • B.S. or graduate degree in mechanical, materials science, manufacturing or electrical engineering.
  • Management experience in new product development, responsible for setting and meeting milestones.
  • Experience and skill in presenting project plans and progress in oral presentations and written reports.
  • Hands-on laboratory experience in material processing and mechanical or electrical testing.
  • Strong working knowledge of computer software, data analysis and graphical presentation.
  • Ability to perform well in a fast-paced, problem-solving environment.


The Project Manager will work in a peer-to-peer relationship with the Technical Lead scientists and Product Managers to coordinate and execute all activities for specific new product development projects.


  • Work with Product Managers and Technical Lead scientists to establish project OKRs.
  • Identify and propose material, equipment and human resource needs to execute Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and customer deliverables.
  • Plan and execute work flow to meet OKRs and customer deliverables for specific new product development projects in collaboration with the Product Managers.
  • Plan, coordinate and execute the technical work flow for cell assembly, electrical testing, safety testing and characterization in collaboration with the Technical Lead scientists.
  • Define productivity and quality goals for the technical work flow in collaboration with the Technical Lead scientists.
  • On a quarterly basis, report on project progress versus OKRs and customer deliverables.
  • Coordinate and manage work flow and summarize all external technical reporting for university, industry and government partnerships.
  • Consolidate and communicate technical progress for internal, customer and Board of Director meetings.


  • Establish OKRs and full timeline plans for LPI, HWL and Alkaline projects.
  • Implement weekly LPI Battery Zero build, testing and benchmarking.
  • Lead the Project Management of the ARPA-e contract.
  • Manage delivery schedule for any prototype batteries to potential partners.
  • Establish and manage an Ionic Materials Pilot Plant roadmap.
  • Establish and manage the equipment and process scale-up for polymer electrolyte fabrication.


  • Continue Project Management of the ARPA-e contract.
  • Complete the implementation of an Ionic Materials Pilot Plant.
  • Complete the equipment and process scale-up for polymer electrolyte fabrication.