Three tech breakthroughs that will help transform the world

We are living unsustainably. Greenhouse gas emissions threaten runaway climate change, and excessive nitrogen pollutes our waters. We sense the impending sixth extinction but are shocked by breaking news of a mass decline in insects. Information technology has rapidly transformed our economy but not areas such as energy, materials and food, where we desperately need sustainability. We need to change our course.

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Is the savior battery nigh?

DW News, September 1, 2017 Tech visionary Bill Joy has been investing much of his time and a lot of money in Ionic Materials, a startup developing a solid-polymer-electrolyte battery. Is it the global game-changer everyone is waiting for? Read...

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electric vehicles

Safe, long range electric vehicles become a reality

consumer electronics

Longer lasting devices in new form factors

grid storage

Low cost, reliable energy for grid applications

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