A Battery that Doesn’t Catch Fire

Boston Globe, March 16, 2017 Michael Zimmerman is hoping to light a fire under the electronics industry by building rechargeable batteries that won’t burn. Zimmerman, a professor of mechanical engineering at Tufts University, is founder of Ionic Materials Inc., a...

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The Plastic Battery that Doesn’t Explode

Science Friday,  February 22, 2017 Lithium-ion batteries have been the culprits behind a string of combusting devices. They’ve caused hoverboard fires, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone explosions, and, most recently, a major recall of HP laptops. What makes these...

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 Booting Up the Search for Better Batteries

Science Friday, February 17, 2017 Lithium-ion batteries power everything from our laptops to phones to electric vehicles, but they’re far from perfect. In fact, they were the culprits behind Samsung’s recent exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones. “The word ‘bomb’ is not out...

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American Engineer Invents a Better that Cannot Explode

Android Headlines,  February 10, 2017 Mike Zimmerman, a mechanical engineering professor at Tufts University in Massachusetts invented a battery that seemingly cannot explode. Zimmerman managed to achieve this impressive feat by creating a battery which utilizes a...

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Is This the Battery of the Future?

February 7, 2017 Mike Zimmerman, professor at Tufts University and founder and CEO of Ionic Materials, discusses the latest advancements in battery technology. Watch Now

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