About Ionic Materials, Inc.

Company and Technology FAQ’s

Ionic Materials is a technology company focused on developing materials for batteries. At the core of our value proposition is a new solid polymer that has all of the properties required to replace the liquid electrolytes used in currently-available batteries.
Replacing these electrolytes (many of which are flammable and toxic) with Ionic Materials’ polymer electrolyte drasticallSolid Electroyte Batteryy improves battery safety, enables the use of higher performance and lower cost active materials, and enables the use of simpler and lower-cost manufacturing methods. Ionic Materials’ technology could therefore enable more compact and longer lasting consumer electronics, long-range and affordable electric vehicles, longer-range drones that can carry larger payloads, and cost-effective grid scale storage.

Our Mission

“We have chosen to solve the most significant materials science problems to enable solid state batteries which can be manufactured in a much simpler way using polymer processing. By eliminating liquids, these new batteries will enable substantial improvements in energy density, cost, and safety, and make possible the use of chemistries that have been considered “the holy grail” for batteries. Ionic will thus play a major role in the solution to the world’s energy problems. The technical hurdles Ionic proposes to overcome are significant, but such challenges we choose to accept, as the world needs our solution.” Mike Zimmerman, CEO/Founder, Ionic Materials.

Our Team

The Company is funded by prominent venture capital firms and employs a world-class team in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Our CEO and Founder, Mike Zimmerman Ph.D. is a proven serial entrepreneur with 30+ years of polymer expertise.  A Professor at Tufts University, he founded iQLP and was a member of the technical staff at Bell Labs for 14 years.

Our technology team has extensive experience in polymer science, electrochemistry and battery science and they are further supported by leading experts from academia and industry.

Applications of Ionic Materials’ Technology

Ionic Materials’ polymer is a true platform technology that enables a wide range of next generation battery chemistries including lithium metal anodes, high voltage intercalation cathodes, sulfur conversion cathodes and a proprietary system that we refer to as our “High Wh/L” chemistry. All of these chemistries have potential to dramatically improve performance and safety, and reduce costs compared to conventional lithium ion systems.

Here are a couple of the applications that can benefit from Ionic Materials’ technology:

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics, such as smart phones, laptops, digital cameras, wearable devices, etc., require increasing power to function efficiently and safely. However, lithium ion batteries, known for their use of volatile liquid electrolytes, are common in most of these devices, and these devices are in constant need of charging and recharging.

These devices are susceptible to fires and explosions if accidents occur, such as dropping them or using the wrong charger.  Also, slight manufacturing defects such as impurities or non-optimum assembly can make them susceptible to shorts which can lead to fires and explosions. Ionic Materials’ polymer technology can overcome these issues with safer and longer-lasting batteries that can be packaged in new and creative ways to drive more satisfying and innovative user experiences.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles hold great promise for providing environmentally clean transportation and an exciting driving experience with low, long-term maintenance costs. However, these vehicles require batteries that can provide longer range at a lower cost, all while ensuring optimal safety for passengers in order to drive broader adoption. Ionic Materials is focused on delivering the enabling technology to make certain the full potential of electric vehicles can be realized.