R&D Technician – Woburn, MA

The R&D Technician position is responsible for tasks associated with testing new materials
related to IM’s novel polymer electrolytes, incorporated into novel battery chemistries and
constructions. The R&D Technician will work with other scientists and engineers in R&D to
prepare materials and electrodes for cell builds, build test cells, place cells on test, transfer
data to spreadsheets, and analyze & summarize data.

  • Associate or bachelor’s degree in science or Engineering field, or at least 5 year’s
    experience as a technician in an R&D environment, with experience in battery R&D
  • Ability to complete computer functions of entering data and formatting into Excel
    spreadsheets. Basic data analysis and preparing plots of data.
  • Ability to accurately follow work instructions under minimal supervision with attention
    to detail.
  • Ability to prepare materials for cell builds, including cathodes and anodes, as well as
    polymer electrolyte films.
  • Ability to assemble and test electrochemical cells using equipment in dry room and
  • Ability to conduct wet chemical experiments and accurately prepare solutions of
    different salt concentrations, especially for preparing cells with liquid electrolytes to
    compare to IM’s solid polymer electrolyte cells.
  • Organized record keeping habits.
  • Ability to engage with co-workers and supervisors.


  • Work on multiple projects within R&D as needed.
  • Make samples, perform experiments, make electrodes, build test cells, place cells on
    tests, analyze/tabulate data.
  • Interface with R&D scientists and engineers at meetings to evaluate results and
    discuss next steps – also interface with Operations and Quality teams as needed.


  • Must wear all appropriate PPE, including respirator (if needed)
  • Prolonged standing when using glovebox.
  • Must work at computer when entering and analyzing data.
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