Breaking News: Heard At The Battery Show

During the Leaders Roundtable on solid-state battery technology, Brian Sisk, vice-president of battery cell development at A123 Systems announced that the company would be building a prototype manufacturing facility at its Romulus, Michigan battery plant. The facility was originally expected to be closed and sold, however the company has now decided to use it to jump-start its solid-state battery efforts. A123 is working with Massachusetts-based Ionic Materials, whose polymer-based solid electrolyte will be used with graphite anodes and metal oxide cathodes. Sisk told Design News that the solid-state batteries can be built on commonly-used battery manufacturing equipment and that prototypes will be available for OEM testing before then end of the year.

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Ionic Materials Acquires iQLP

Ionic Materials has acquired iQLP, a supplier of proprietary LCP-based formulations for a wide range of telecom, mobile, automotive and semiconductor applications. The acquisition aligns with Ionic Materials’ core competencies of world-class material science, processing technology expertise and providing solutions to enable next-generation technologies. This further expands the company into several growing markets, such as 5G mobile, structural materials, semiconductor & electronics and the automotive industry.

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The Explosive Race To Totally Reinvent The Smartphone Battery

Silvery lithium’s great strength is also its biggest weakness. It’s unstable. It explodes. A lithium-ion laptop battery holds as much energy as a hand grenade. “Having a smartphone in your pocket is like having kerosene in your pocket,” says Mike Zimmerman, the founder and CEO of Ionic Materials.

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Ionic Materials Named CleanTech and Energy Company of the Year

BOSTON —May 30, 2018—Ionic Materials today announced it has been named the Company of the Year in CleanTech and Energy at the 2018 NEVY Awards, hosted by the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) and presented by Bristol-Myers Squibb. Ionic Materials received this prestigious award for its continued development of the world’s first novel polymer electrolyte for solid-state batteries that addresses the limitations of today’s batteries: safety, energy density and cost.

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Batteries Still Suck, But Researchers Are Working on It

Better batteries mean better products. They give us longer-lasting smartphones, anxiety-free electric transport, and potentially, more efficient energy storage for large-scale buildings like data centers. But battery tech is frustratingly slow to advance, due to both the chemical processes involved and the challenges that exist around commercializing new battery designs. It remains incredibly tough for even the most promising battery experiments to find their way out of research labs and into the devices we carry.

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A Battery That Could Change The World

Last week I happened to catch an intriguing documentary on NOVA called Search for the Super Battery.
The topic is of intense interest to me, as the development of better, cheaper batteries is critical for both the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and for the future electrical grid. Battery improvements are needed to increase the range of EVs, and cheaper batteries can help drive down the costs of EVs so more consumers can afford them.

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