Enhanced Manufacturing Saves Time & Money


Today, battery manufacturing is a complex, capital- and resource-intensive set of processes. But it does not have to be that way. The inherent properties of polymers allow Ionic to leverage commercial off-the-shelf equipment and processing techniques – used by numerous industries around the globe – to reimagine the battery manufacturing process.​

Extrusion Process Reduces Manufacturing Steps

Conventional battery manufacturing consists of many processes, including taking materials from a wet state (mixing) to a dry state (coating and drying) back to a wet state (electrolyte filling). The equipment required to carry out these processes is large, expensive, and complex.


Leveraging polymer electrolytes and off-the-shelf plastics manufacturing processes allows for massive simplification of the battery manufacturing plant. Novel-to-batteries processes like extrusion eliminate the need for the most resource-intensive processes in convention manufacturing.


Simplification of the battery manufacturing plant leads to massive Capital Cost reduction. With installed capacity expected to increase by thousands of GWh over the next decade, this represents 10s to 100s of Billions of dollars in capital saved.


Moreover, a simplified process requires lower operational and utility expense, leading to lower $/kWh products. The improved safety of polymer-based systems builds on these foundational cost advantages to improve system-level costs and energy density.


EV Battery Market Needs Safer, Higher Performance Solutions

Massive CapEx reduction enables localized production Dollars Saved

CO2 mitigation Smoke Stack Reduced

Cell performance improvements Electrode Design Flexibility